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Personalized online learning for literacy success

Boost your students’ Spanish literacy skills with a standards-based, data-driven solution built on the science of reading!

Let Avanza propel your students towards literacy success!

  • Standards-based assessments
  • Engaging ebooks and activities
  • Personalized data-driven instruction
  • Built on the science of reading!

Avanza is an interactive solution that helps you boost your students' foundational literacy, reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. Avanza engages students with meaningful texts and activities while continuously measuring their progress, identifying gaps, pinpointing actionable teaching points, and providing all the resources and tools necessary to support each student’s growth.

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Avanza supports differentiated instruction with:

  • Easy to follow phonics scope and sequence with lessons and games
  • Oral curriculum with video lessons, songs and gamified practice with friends
  • Authentic text with audio and reading comprehension video lessons and activities
  • Informative/Opinion/Narrative writing curriculum with rubrics, video lessons, mentor texts and writing prompts
  • Auto-graded standards-based assessments

Benefits to Teachers

  • Assess, teach, and practice interpersonal oral/reading/writing skills, all in one platform
  • Identify students’ level with auto-graded, standards-based assessments
  • Connect data directly to resources and reduce lesson prep time
  • Easily assign/track books, quizzes, activities, and games
  • Quickly access mini-lesson videos, worksheets, writing prompts, and more

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K–8 DLI and Bilingual Programs


K–8 World Language/FLES


*Vista Level Spanish is now Avanza

Benefits to Administrators

  • Track students’ growth based on standards
  • Identify overarching needs and close the gap
  • Set targets per grade or language pathway
  • Establish benchmark comparisons with dual language programs
  • Begin data-driven conversations with teachers and parents

Benefits to Students/Parents

  • Reward students for completing oral games, books, quizzes, and writing tasks
  • Engage students with interactive games and unscripted conversations and activities
  • Meet student needs at all levels
  • Foster data-driven parent-teacher conversations