D'accord: Langue et culture du monde francophone

Linguistic approach to language proficiency

D’accord! book covers

Linguistic approach to language proficiency

D’accord! is an introductory through intermediate French program with a communicative approach that focuses not only on language development, but also on francophone culture, providing students with engaging and authentic materials along the way.

New to this edition

  • Brand-new Roman-photo storyline videos in Levels 1, 1A/B, 2
  • French language is presented in context at the start of each unit with new Mise en scène section, providing comprehensible input
  • A new introductory unit in each level, presenting and recycling language in a functional context
  • Vocabulary is more approachable and is presented and practiced in meaningful contexts
  • Culture is explored through a more engaging, multimedia approach
  • The new Projet section develops students’ presentational skills for real-world contexts
  • A variety of resources are now included to allow students to monitor and reflect on their own learning
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