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En tu medio

En tu medio

Intermediate Spanish

Leah Fonder-Solano
University of Southern Mississippi

Casilde A. Isabelli
University of Nevada, Reno

María Isabel Martínez Mira
University of Mary Washington

Communicative Approach Emphasizing High-Interest, Culturally Relevant Input

En tu medio is an intermediate program that offers students a wealth of tools in a structured learning environment designed to empower them to master the language and be successful in the course. This program uses a task-based, student-friendly approach to build from the introductory level toward the higher-level proficiency needed for their next Spanish language courses.

Input Processing with Task-Based Activities

This proven model makes new concepts accessible to students by allowing them to notice and process content before they are asked to use or produce discourse with new information. En tu medio offers a broad array of theoretically grounded, class-tested, interactive, and engaging activities that develop all language skills while students complete meaningful tasks. Activities with contemporary and relatable topics are carefully sequenced, progressing from input to output, and are thematically and culturally contextualized. The activities reinforce vocabulary and enhance cultural knowledge as students build communicative skills.

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