Our singular focus is to create engaging and innovative world language programs.

Welcome to Vista Higher Learning, your partner in world language education.

As a privately owned publishing company, we’ve had the good fortune to spend the last 20 years focused on only language teaching and learning. This specialization means that all our energy and resources go into developing content and technology that support your passion to empower and inspire lifelong language learnings.

Our Mission

At Vista Higher Learning, our mission is to raise the level of teaching and learning of languages to a new level. Our singular focus is on creating the highest-quality, integrated print and digital solutions that meet the needs of all language learners—from those learning a new language, improving a second language, or perfecting their native language.

Our mission is defined by our desire to:

  • Prepare students for a connected world where intercultural communication is a necessary part of everyday life.
  • Make language learning fun and give students the tools they need to succeed.
  • Connect language and culture in ways that are authentic, enjoyable, and useful in our everyday lives.
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