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启程 Journeys

to Chinese Proficiency

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Introducing Vista's New Chinese Program!

Designed specifically for middle and high school, 启程 Journeys to Chinese Proficiency invites the beginning-level student to explore Chinese language and culture in an engaging, learner-friendly program. Scaffolded with ample vocabulary and grammar practice and plenty of communicative activities and real-world tasks, students embark on a pathway to proficiency.

Why Choose Journeys?

  • Designed specifically for middle and high school students, Journeys features a modern design with authentic content, engaging video, and powerful online tools.
  • Language in Action videos shot on location in Taiwan present language and culture as students follow the adventures of a group of friends in Taipei.
  • Vocabulary and grammar are presented in smaller, more comprehensible chunks based on specific language tasks, designed to increase student retention.
  • Authentic content and video are offered in a variety of formats, including public interest service ads, news features, mini documentaries, and engaging, accessible vlogs.
  • A preliminary unit introduces students to Chinese characters and pinyin to help students decode new vocabulary.
  • A Teacher Edition provides guidance and tips for instruction, while students get extra support with the Practice Workbook and practice handwriting with Character Writing Workbook.

Instructional Support Resources

Continuous practice, review, and reinforcement help students stay on track! In addition to the Student and Teacher Edition, take a moment to view a sample of additional core resources that further support instruction and encourage student learning.

Journeys K-12 workbook covers


Offers written vocabulary and grammar practice as well as skills-focused listening, speaking, reading, and writing activities.

Journeys K-12 character writing workbook covers

Character Writing Workbook

Corresponds to the textbook lessons and lets students practice hand-writing new characters.

Journeys K-12 assesment program covers

Assessment Program

Provides a systematic evaluation of students' progress via lesson quizzes, unit tests, cumulative multi-unit exams, and oral testing suggestions.

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