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A student’s successful literacy journey requires guidance and support from teachers, administrators and parents. Learn how Vista Level Spanish supports you and your students every step of the way!

Benefits to a Teacher

  • Assess, teach and practice Interpersonal Oral/Reading/Writing skills, all in one platform
  • Identify students’ level with auto-graded standards-based assessments
  • Connect data directly into resources and reduce lesson prep time
  • Easily assign/track books, quizzes, activities, and games
  • Quickly access mini-lesson videos, worksheets, writing prompts and more

Benefits to an Administrator

  • Track students’ growth based on standards
  • Identify overarching needs and close the gap
  • Set targets per grade or language pathway
  • Establish benchmark comparisons with Dual Language Programs
  • Begin data-driven conversations with teachers and parents

Benefits to a Student/Parent

  • Reward students for completing oral games, books, quizzes, and writing tasks
  • Engage students with interactive games and unscripted conversations and activities
  • Meet student needs at all levels
  • Foster data-driven parent-teacher conversations