Create an individualized Spanish literacy journey through data-driven, differentiated instruction!


Vista Level Spanish is an online data-driven, standards-based instructional platform that identifies literacy gaps by continuously assessing and measuring each student’s gradual mastery of the standards.

Titles screenshot in Vista Level Spanish

The platform supports differentiated instruction by providing engaging phonics books and activities, social studies and science books, authentic Spanish texts –including hundreds of Santillana titles!–, interactive games, video lessons, and quizzes. Now teachers can create, implement, and track individualized plans to ensure student progress!

Why choose Vista Level Spanish?

  • It offers meaningful literacy instruction through authentic literature specifically for K-8 Bilingual and Dual Language Programs.
  • It is standards-based.
  • It addresses all four language-learning domains.
  • It includes auto-graded assessments and quizzes to identify literacy gaps and track progress all year long.
  • It provides detailed insight and actionable data to support targeted and differentiated instruction.
  • It includes a full phonics program that offers a structured, syllabic instructional approach that builds up from syllable to word recognition skills.
  • It includes social studies and science books so teachers can teach skills and content at the same time.
  • It includes a full interpersonal oral program that offers a standards-based scope and sequence supported with video lessons, classroom activities and interactive games.
  • It provides reports with targeted views for administrators, teachers, and students and guardians.