Avanzando cover
Avanzando 7e - Gramática española y lectura

Fully integrated into the Supersite with digital workbook allowing students for easy practice and access of content.

Lecturas Based on Thought-provoking Themes that Reflect Life in the Twenty-first Century

The Lectura parte 1 reading selection introduces the theme of the chapter. Reorganized for the seventh edition, each selection is preceded by vocabulary-building tasks and pre-reading questions. Post reading activities aim to verify students’ comprehension of the selection, elicit their opinions and views on the topic, generate analysis, and spark discussion of the information presented.

Lectura parte I

Grammar and Reading Seamlessly Integrated

In the Gramática sections, grammatical explanations are presented in simple Spanish, with multiple examples drawn from the chapter theme and English equivalents are provided for the most difficult structures. The topic of the chapter’s opening Lectura is carried over in grammar activities, blending practice of specific structures with additional opportunities for students to express their ideas on the chapter theme.

Práctica de escritura

This component reviews and expands on the rules of accentuation introduced in the preliminary chapter. Accent rules are applied as they relate to specific grammar points presented in the chapter. A brief section introduces other spelling rules. Finally, students are presented with written composition topics related to the chapter theme and asked to think critically and express their ideas on them. Questions and suggestions are included to guide the students through the writing process.

Práctica de escritura

Lectura Parte 2

This section includes four short stories by well-known Spanish and Latin American writers. Introductory questions, vocabulary, and vocabulary practice precede each story, and comprehension and analysis questions follow it. Grammar exercises focusing on the review of a particular structure exemplified in the story complete the post-reading activities.

News and Cultural Updates

These monthly links with scaffolded activities for students are available on the Supersite. They provide real-world connection to language and culture via carefully curated articles and videos from across the Spanish-speaking world. Instructors can enhance their classroom with authentic and culturally relevant resources focusing on the three modes of communication (interpretative, interpersonal, and presentational).