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Beginning Spanish

A twelve-chapter program that uses everyday language and situations with a practical approach.

la familia hispana

Language, Culture, and Comprehensible Videos

Each chapter grabs students’ attention with Videos en accion right from the beginning to introduce its theme, encourage predictions about its content, and motivate cultural discussions. These videos are short, comprehensible to the students, and contextualize the language. There is also a second video program in Tu mundo cultural, in which real people are interviewed about their experiences, allowing opportunities to hear language in a cultural context.

Focus on Active Vocabulary

The vocabulary is presented with illustrations that establish the context of each chapter, divided in three escenas. Students will focus on high-frequency, everyday vocabulary, and the activities following these illustrations move students very quickly from identifying new vocabulary to using it in real conversations.

active vocabulary
Grammar presented in small thematic chunks

Grammar that Beginning Students Need

Grammar is presented in small thematic chunks or escenas that are part of the larger theme of the lesson. There is a reduction of grammar content and a focus on high-frequency structures using the structured input method. Each gramática is preceded by a comic strip providing a contextualized introduction to the concept. Example sentences of grammar in use are drawn from the comic strip stories and link grammar explanations right back to the illustration.

Build Skills through a Variety of Activities

The Tu mundo en vivo section at the end of each chapter provides culture-based input and a variety of output activities that draw on all language skills to practice.

¡Diálogos en acción! activity
  • ¡Diálogos en acción! uses short audio recordings of unscripted, spontaneous conversations between native speakers from various Spanish speaking countries, providing students with the opportunity to hear differences in the vocabulary used in each country and a variety of different accents.
  • ¡Lectura en acción! features authentic readings with activities designed to develop students’ comprehension skills and awareness of culture and current events.
  • ¡A conversar! offers specific strategies for comprehension and self-expression.
  • ¡A escribir! presents theme-based writing activities that provide students with corresponding strategies and process writing steps using the vocabulary and structures learned in the chapter.
  • ¡A investigar! encourages students to explore the Spanish-speaking world around them through research tasks related to chapter themes. Paired with strategies for finding and using appropriate sources. It develops digital literacy, encourages collaboration, and provides opportunities for presentational speaking and writing.

News and Cultural Updates

These monthly links with scaffolded activities for students are available on the Supersite. They provide real-world connection to language and culture via carefully curated articles and videos from across the Spanish-speaking world. Instructors can enhance their classroom with authentic and culturally relevant resources focusing on the three modes of communication (interpretative, interpersonal, and presentational).