Copyright year/Edition: 2023

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Create strong, lifelong readers with a new print and digital solution grounded in the Science of Reading.

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Discover Phonics for Foundational Literacy motivates children as they embark on an adventure to discover and master the amazing world of phonics with:

  • Engaging songs and videos
  • Fully decodable readers
  • Hands-on games and activities
  • Interactive lessons and practice

What to expect from Discover Phonics

  • Supports instruction grounded in the Science of Reading and provides an explicit, systematic, and structured approach to teaching and learning the five components of reading.
  • Develops proficiency of alphabet knowledge and letter recognition, handwriting, phonological and phonemic awareness, sound-spelling relationships, word skills, high-frequency words, print awareness, fluency, and spelling.
  • Promotes vocabulary development, oral language development, reading skills, comprehension skills, and writing skills.
  • Engages with dynamic and vibrant songs, rhymes, and chants that include the weekly focus skills.
  • Builds confidence of students as they progress from emergent to fluent readers.
  • Aligns with the following standards: CCSS (ELA), CA (ELA & ELD), TX TEKS (ELA & ELPS), FL BEST (ELA), Virginia SOL (ELA), Tennessee (ELA), New Mexico (ELA), WIDA, and others.
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