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An unparalleled digital learning environment with integrated content, resources, and communication tools that bring Spanish language and culture to life.

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No two students, teachers, or classrooms are the same. At Vista Higher Learning, we recognize this and provide technology options that work for today and can grow with you for years to come. Whether you class is 100% digital or you only use technology to access teaching tools and resources, we can provide solutions that fit any curriculum or infrastructure.

For Students

The ENCUENTROS Supersite provides a safe online environment with plenty of practice, communication tools, and engaging media to make learning an interactive, meaningful experience.

Engaging Media

Engaging Media: Students see vocabulary and language “in action” through the highly engaging Un chin de… vocabulary videos as well as Video Mundo, featuring authentic TV clips and short films.

News and Cultural Updates

News and Cultural Updates: Access monthly links to carefully curated authentic resources from across the Spanish-speaking world—from online newspaper articles to TV news segments. Each selection includes a scaffolded activity sequence leveled for built-in differentiation.

Grammar Tutorial

La profesora López provides a humorous, engaging, and relatable approach to grammar instruction. Grammar Tutorials are short video capsules that offer guided instruction to keep students on track and ensure comprehension.

Un chin de…

Un chin de… vocabulary videos engage students with short, funny video capsules featuring teen vloggers using target vocabulary in authentic contexts.

For Students:

It’s all in the Supersite

  • Online Student Edition
  • Fans Online activities
  • Cuaderno de práctica
  • eCuaderno de comunicación
  • News and Cultural Updates
  • VideoMundo authentic TV clips and short films
  • “Un chin de” Vocabulary Videos
  • Tu desafio online extension activities
  • Animated Grammar Tutorials
  • Interactive online Student Edition
  • Downloadable eBook
For students

For Teachers

Whether you’re teaching exclusively online or integrating both print and digital, the ENCUENTROS Supersite resources integrate seamlessly, providing everything you need to plan, prepare, teach, and assess.

Time-saving tools

Time-saving tools—No need to spend time finding the perfect video, crafting scaffolded activities, creating assessments, or grading homework. It’s all in the Supersite.

Powerful course management

Powerful course management—monitor student progress, communicate securely with students, and track and report on student effort and outcomes.

Assessment Solutions

Assessment Solutions—administer pre-built online quizzes and tests or develop your own—such as open-ended writing prompts or chat activities.

Enhanced Support

Enhanced Support. Get all the support and guidance you need—from face-to-face presentations and on-demand webinars, to instructional videos on a variety of topics.

For Teachers:

Tools and resources at your fingertips

  • Teacher Edition
  • Lesson plans
  • Assessment (quizzes, tests, exams, question banks, IPAs),
  • Essential Questions
  • Intercultural Can-Do Statements
  • Grammar PDFs and Slides
  • InfoGap activities
  • Proyectos
  • Digital image bank
  • Answer keys
  • Audio and video scripts
  • Testing and textbook audio
  • Pacing guides
For teachers