Galería de lengua y cultura

Español para hispanohablantes

Students bridge the language gap as they cultivate bilingualism, biliteracy, and biculturalism.

Galeria textbook covers

A first-of-its-kind series for U.S. heritage, native, and dual language students!


Galería is a print and digital solution that uses engaging videos, authentic texts, differentiated instruction, and leveled practice activities to expand students’ listening, reading, speaking, and writing competencies as they learn about their own cultures and those of other Spanish-speakers around the world.

Why choose Galería?

  • It offers a flexible curriculum—including a two-volume and a three-volume format—that adapts to your classroom needs.

  • It features differentiated instruction and leveled practice for students at various proficiency stages.

  • It uses authentic texts, audios, and videos to develop competency in all communication domains within the cultural and social framework of all regions in the Spanish-speaking world.

  • It supports the development of language and critical thinking skills in bilingual students.

  • It provides for the practice of vocabulary and language structures from social studies, science, arts, and music content areas.