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Discover vhlcentral—the only online learning environment created specifically for language acquisition.

Galería on vhlcentral

Galería is fully supported by vhlcentral—a technology platform developed specifically for language and literacy—with integrated content, resources, and communication tools that bring Spanish language and culture to life.

For Students

A safe online environment with plenty of practice, communication tools, and engaging media to make learning an interactive, meaningful experience.

Communication Tools

Group Chat and Partner Chat help students develop their interpersonal communication skills! With Group Chat, small groups of students work synchronously to record a conversation in the target language, while Partner Chat activities allow students to carry out synchronous conversations in pairs via video/audio.

Interactive vText

Gives students a virtual textbook for browser based exploration.

More practice and authentic content

Students can find more opportunities to practice online, and they can find all the authentic videos where they can learn about the countries, the people, the music, and the arts.

News and Cultural Updates

Access monthly links to carefully curated authentic resources from across the Spanish-speaking world—from online newspaper articles to TV news segments. Each selection includes a scaffolded activity sequence leveled for built-in differentiation.

Exprésate activities

Increased interaction with Exprésate activities allows students to submit part of their work in the form of a composition, free-response recording, or video record activity.

Autoevaluación checklists

Available at the end of every module, the Autoevaluación checklists allow students to track their progress.

A student standing in front of a group of students, smiling.

For Students: It’s all on vhlcentral

Bring language and culture to life

  • Online Student Edition
  • Live communication practice
  • Interactive activities
  • Engaging and original media
  • Cultural content
  • Safe environment

For Teachers

Time-saving tools, powerful course management, assessment solutions, and enhanced support.

Time-saving tools

No need to spend time finding the perfect video, crafting scaffolded activities, creating assessments, or grading homework.

Powerful course management

Monitor student progress, communicate securely with students, and track and report on student effort and outcomes.

Assessment solutions

Administer pre-built online quizzes and tests or develop your own—such as open-ended writing prompts or chat activities.

Enhanced support

Get all the support and guidance you need—from face-to-face presentations and on-demand webinars to instructional videos on a variety of topics.

Individualized Assigning

Now you can personalize the student experience to fit individual learning styles and needs, no matter what modality course you teach, or how many students you have. This new feature gives you the flexibility to assign extra practice to select students, excuse students from an activity or assessment, and support differentiated learning needs.

More assignable practice activities

Keep your students engaged and give them more practice when they need it—many activities have auto-grading and immediate feedback.

A teacher smiling with a student while looking at a monitor.

For Teachers: It’s all on vhlcentral

Tools and resources at your fingertips

  • Online Teacher Edition
  • Assessment
  • Answer Keys
  • Graphic Organizers
  • Rubrics are provided online for auto-evaluation
  • Lesson Plans
  • Manual de redacción
  • Audio and video scripts
  • Testing, textbook, and practice book audio

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