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Leveled Books for English Learners and Striving Readers in Middle and High School

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Each reader in this Get Reading! library is written at three proficiency levels for a total of 120 readers. Students can choose the level they want to read—or start with one and progress as they improve their reading skills.

The leveled reading library is divided into ten different themes and four content areas:

  • 10 ELA (fiction) titles
  • 10 science titles
  • 10 social studies titles
  • 10 math titles
Thematic areas in Get Reading! Secondary

A Teacher Guide is included for guided instruction, reproducible activities, and assessment.

Differentiated Language and Readability Levels

Level A Readers sample

Level A

Level B Readers sample

Level B

Level C Readers sample

Level C

Explore the Readers

Click on each level to view full samples of readers.

Get Reading! for Secondary

New School: Day One bookcover
New School: Day One
Level A Level B Level C
Anyone can be a Scientist! bookcover
Anyone can be a scientist
Level A Level B Level C
Our World bookcover
Our World
Level A Level B Level C
Ready for Math! bookcover
Ready for Math!
Level A Level B Level C