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Empowering Elementary Newcomers and Beginner Multilingual Learners

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Develop academic language and literacy

Get Ready! is a comprehensive elementary program for newcomer and beginning-level proficiency students. Published in two volumes, the curriculum is built on specialized knowledge necessary for working with culturally and linguistically diverse learners, the assets they bring into the classroom, and the academic challenges they face.

Get Ready! Sail is for primary elementary grades andGet Ready! Soar is for upper elementary grades.


Why use Get Ready! in the classroom

Engaging Media

District English Learner Coach
and Summer Institute Instructor Team
Santa Fe Public Schools

Connect to Social Studies

Dr. Joshua Perdomo
Director of Multilingual Programs
CCSD 59, Elk Grove, IL

What to expect with
Get Ready! Sail and Get Ready! Soar

  • The most comprehensive program for newcomers and beginning proficiency learners
  • Builds proficiency in all language skill areas: vocabulary, reading, listening, speaking, writing, and grammar
  • Concrete strategies for helping teachers meet the needs of multilingual learners across the range of abilities within and across proficiency levels and language domains
  • Highly visual presentations and activities that helps students access grade-level content and prepares them for mainstream classes
  • Aligns with many standards including: WIDA, CA ELD, TX TEKS, CCSS (ELA and Math), NGSS (Science), and NCSS (Social Studies)


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