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Program Components

Get Ready! Sail and Get Ready! Soar build English language proficiency with fun lessons and activities and a variety of print and digital classroom resources, including Practice Books, Pre-Decodable and Decodable Readers, Leveled Readers, and Vocabulary Cards.

Wealth of classroom resources foster interactive learning

  • Student Books
  • Practice Books
  • Assessment Program
  • Pre-Decodable Readers
  • Decodable Readers
  • Leveled Readers with Teacher Guide
  • Vocabulary Cards
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Online resources engage young readers

Multimedia resources for whole and small group instruction

The Get Ready! Sail and Get Ready! Soar online learning environments (Supersites) includes a variety of resources to make learning fun and interactive.

  • Interactive Student Books with embedded audio/video, interactive tutorials, and wealth of practice activities
  • Practice Books with writing, listening, and phonics activities
  • Thematic eReaders (4 readers per unit / 48 readers per level) with audio synchronization and vocabulary highlighting and pronunciation
  • Additional online teacher resources to project: teacher guide lessons, poems, songs, and more
  • Assessment Program to evaluate progress
  • Parent resources, including letters in multiple languages

Leveled Readers

Reading is a critical task to improve English language proficiency, which is why Get Ready! has a robust Leveled Reading library. The first group of readers will be available Spring 2021 and will include one language arts, one science, one social studies, and one math reader for every unit of Get Ready! Sail and Get Ready! Soar. A Teacher’s Guide will provide instruction and reproducible activities and assessments.

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The readers and teacher guide will be available in print and online!

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