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Help students develop their Spanish language cultural competency

Built to help students strengthen their language skills

Imagina takes an interactive, communicative approach. It focuses on real communication in meaningful contexts to develop and consolidate students’ speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills.


Provide students with a place to start. Let them share their own experiences with and about the chapter topic.


Give students a new linguistic code to express what they already know and experience in the context of the chapter theme.


Once students see that language is a tool for expressing their own ideas, media helps them to relate their own experiences to those of native speakers.


Bring students from their own language and culture to that of the target speakers.


The formal presentation of relevant grammar and scaffolded, personalized activities help students leverage grammar as a tool for building confidence, fluency, and accuracy.


Pulling all their learning together, students integrate context, personal experience, communication tools, and cultural products, perspectives, and practices.

Communicative goals chart

New communicative goals and Can-Do statements allow students to monitor and reflect their own learning

By connecting the communicative goals and Can-Do Statements in almost every section in each lesson, students have the opportunity to check their understanding of the lesson’s communicative goals and identify any areas where they need further review and practice.

Expanded support for ACTFL standards and interculturality

Throughout the instructor text, standards correlations for specific activities appear on the same page or spread so that you see them at point of use. New annotations include more support for interculturality using a sequence of Investigate, Reflect, and Explain prompts related to cultural content.

ACTFL logo Communication modes
Documentary films integrated throughout


Increased diversity in the Cortometraje section, including four films by female directors and film locations from across the Spanish speaking world. Three new authentic short films in lessons 5, 6, and 7.

Structured review of grammar based on lesson themes

Estructuras presents key intermediate grammar topics with detailed visual support and progresses students from directed to communicative practice. The interactive grammar tutorials include practice activities that offer immediate feedback.

Audio-synced readings

Cultura features dynamic cultural readings. The Imagina section simulates a voyage to the featured country or region.

Cultural readings

Brief and comprehensible readings present additional cultural content related to the lesson theme. These readings are supported by scaffolded and personalized activities where students are prompted to make their own observations and cultural comparisons.


Literatura showcases literary readings by well-known writers from across the Spanish-speaking world, with an even balance of male and female authorship. The Preparación and Análisis sections activities provide in-depth pre- and post-reading support for each selection in Literatura and Cultura.

Manual de gramática

Practice for grammar points related to those taught in Estructuras is included for review and/or enrichment at the end of the book.

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