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An Introduction to Chinese Language and Culture



Xiwen Lu
Brandeis University


Rachel Tianxuan Wang


Introducing Vista Higher Learning’s New Chinese Program— Journeys 启程

Designed with the contemporary Chinese classroom in mind, this new, two-volume program invites the beginning–level student to explore the Chinese language and culture in an engaging, learner-friendly textbook and online environment.

The program stresses linguistic accuracy by providing a solid grammar syllabus; accurate, clear, and jargon-free grammar explanations, as well as ample practice of new structures to provide students with a solid foundation.

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A focus on student outcomes


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World-Readiness Standards

The Journeys 启程 program aligns with the principles of the ACTFL twentyfirst-century classroom, and the World Readiness Standards have been carefully incorporated and called out with annotations in the Digital Instructor’s Annotated Edition. Journeys 启程 also reflects the ACTFL proficiency guidelines and the NCSSFL-ACTFL Can-do statements.

Can-do statements and end-of-unit activities, including an IPA-style activity and project-based activities, will help you assess students’ proficiency.

Linguistic Accuracy

Linguistic accuracy is stressed throughout the program via a solid grammar syllabus; accurate, clear, and jargon-free grammar explanations, as well as ample practice of new structures to provide students with a solid foundation. Systematic recycling of vocabulary assures students retain previously learned vocabulary. A recycling icon calls attention to these activities.

Student Learning Support

Language learning support beyond the textbook includes a Student Activities Manual with additional practice, a Character Writing Manual to practice handwriting, and a Supersite with audio, video, assignable activities, additional web-only activities, and assessment; and instructor resources including course management and so much more.

The Journeys 启程 program is available in both Simplified and Traditional Chinese.


Video Programs


Language in Action Dramatic Video

Fully integrated with your textbook, the Language in Action video contains twenty-four episodes (twelve in each volume). The episodes present the adventures of a group of friends in Taipei. American exchange student Shan Gao and his friends Tianle Ma, Xiaoyu Lin, and Qiuyun Bai are students at the same university. Their adventures take them through the highs and lows of everyday life.

In each dramatic segment, the characters interact using the vocabulary and grammar from the corresponding lessons, as well as a small number of new, everyday expressions.

Journeys Video Programs Language in Action
Journeys Video Programs Language in Action

Authentic Video

Each volume of Journeys 启程 features six authentic video clips from the Chinese-speaking world. These videos appear in the third lesson of every unit and include a variety of formats such as a public interest ad, news features, mini documentaries, vlogs, and more.

The videos have been carefully selected to be accessible to students learning Chinese. Developed by Chinese speakers for Chinese speakers, they offer another valuable window into the products, practices, and perspectives that are key to the cultures of the Chinese-speaking world. More importantly, these clips are a fun and motivating way to improve your Chinese!

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