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The Supersite offers an unparalleled digital learning environment with integrated content, resources, and tools built exclusively to support language learning.

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Instructor Benefits

Everything you need, when you need it

Everything you need, when you need it

Everything you need to plan, teach, and assess. There’s no need to spend time searching for authentic content or creating activities or assessments—the Supersite has the best language learning tools right at your fingertips.

Technology that works

The industry standard for reliability

Spend your time teaching, not trying to solve technology issues. With the Supersite, you’ll never have to worry about the site going down—no other publisher has our record of 99.9% uptime. And if you or your students do have technology questions, we make sure that help is available every step of way.

Time well spent

Easy to use but incredibly powerful

With the Supersite, you can easily shape the curriculum to fit your instructional goals and teaching preferences. Create, import, and manage online homework assignments, quizzes, and tests—or choose from a wealth of publisher-created content—much of which is automatically graded, allowing you to spend less time grading, and more time teaching.

Real-time insight

Manage your course with real-time insight

A comprehensive gradebook with enhanced reporting functionality makes it easy for instructors to manage courses efficiently. Diagnostics within the Supersite provide unique insight into class and student performance. With a single click, you can identify the most difficult concepts, spot vulnerable students, and make adjustments on the fly.

Student Benefits

Progress toward proficiency

Progress toward proficiency

Developed specifically for language teaching and learning, the Supersite focuses on student outcomes. We make it easy for students to identify areas for improvement, and provide them with the tools that engage and motivate them to proficiency. Helping them reach that “a-ha!” moment is what we do.

Flexible and convenient

Flexible and convenient

Today’s learners are constantly on the move, often balancing personal, work, and academic responsibilities. Whether they attend school full-time or take courses when they can fit them into their work schedule, it’s critical that learning takes place at a time and format that works for them. Available 24/7 on any internet-connected device, the Supersite lets students learn anywhere, anytime.

Dynamic and engaging

Dynamic and engaging

It takes more than words on a screen to catch—and keep—the attention of today’s multi-tasking students. We built the Supersite knowing that no two students are the same, providing a wealth of multimedia and activity types that appeal to all types of learners. From authentic short films and native-language literature, to animated grammar tutorials and episodic video—the Supersite has it all.



Because learning never stops, the Supersite is now mobile-friendly, allowing students to do their classwork and homework anywhere from their mobile devices.

Building confidence and fluency

The Supersite offers a wealth of communication tools—Partner Chat, Video Chat, Live Chat, and Forums—that help students lower their affective filter while providing meaningful opportunities for self-expression in authentic, real-life contexts.

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LMS integration

Now our market-leading Supersite technology is easier to integrate with your learning management system (LMS) than ever before! To further enhance the integration between your Supersite courses and your LMS, we now offer the following new and improved functionality with Canvas, BlackBoard Learn, BrightSpace (D2L), and Moodle.
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Single sign on functionality:

Instructors and students can now authenticate and access their Supersite or Portales course from within their LMS course.

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NEW AND IMPROVED assignment and grade services:

Instructors can create LMS gradebook columns and exchange Supersite or Portales activity progress and scores with the LMS gradebook.

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NEW deep linking capability:

Instructors can browse activities available in a Supersite or Portales course and dynamically create links to those activities. Students can access and complete activities via links within the LMS.

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