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New Roman-Photo Video Series

Fully integrated with the text, the Roman-photo video series offers a dynamic and contemporary window into the French language. The storyline bridges language and culture, providing a glimpse into the everyday life in the French-speaking world.

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Expanded Media Content Encourages Students to Interact with the Language

New Roman-photo serves to contextualize grammar topics and vocabulary, helping students develop an intercultural competency that deepens their language skills

  • New Panorama culturel videos -2 per Panorama spread, an updated Panorama topic sequence and new Panorama introductory paragraphs
  • News and Cultural updates in the form of interesting online newspaper articles and TV new segments, accompanied by scaffolded pre-, during, and post-reading or viewing activities
New Panorama culturel videos, updated Panorama topic sequence, and new Panorama introductory paragraphs

Project-Focused Learning Track

Incorporated into every lesson, the Project-Focused Learning Track includes assignable tasks in every lesson with rubric grading. Students answer an essential question by completing an authentic tasks that improve students’ research, language, and communication skills, such as writing a report on a cultural event, making learning meaningful. Through sustained investigation, reflection, and peer-reviewed tasks, students engage in French-language media exploration, while developing their personal interests and communication skills, and engaging with the global community.

Group and Individual Video Recording Submission Expands Student Production

Group chat and individual video recording activities allow single or multiple students to record a video production exercise, providing instructors with more flexibility in creating and assigning activities to groups within their classes.

Group chat offers valuable practice that simulates the conversations most typical to a language classroom. These activities also ready students for authentic communication with native speakers, which typically occurs in a group setting.

A group video call
Woman on a video call

Assignable Integrated Performance Assessments (IPAs)

New assignable IPAs use authentic cultural content, complete with rubric grading and video upload. These assessments measure student progress toward proficiency in the three modes of communication: interpretive, interpersonal, and presentational.

Communicative Goals and Can-Do Statements Build Students’ Confidence

Communicative Goals are now listed at the beginning of each section. After the activities in that section, the “I can” statement reminds students of which objective they achieved. At the end of the lesson, a summary presents the Communicative Goals achieved, along with a review activity for each goal. Annotations to the Instructor indicate the correlation to the ACTFL standards.

Communicative Goals and Can-Do Statements Build Students’ Confidence

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