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repase y escriba

María Canteli Dominicis

St. John’s University, New York

Contemporary and Relevant Themes

Our highly esteemed Repase y escriba, written for advanced grammar and composition or advanced composition and conversation classes, features chapter themes that reflect current perspectives while maintaining an in-depth focus on grammar. Advanced students get the content, explanations, and clarifications they crave.

The eighth edition has been updated to include more contemporary and relevant topics such as Ethics in Technology, Cultural Identity, Debunking Stereotypes, Women in Empowering Roles, and many more—excellent for both writing and discussion!

Clean Organization

Each lesson is based on an interesting, current theme and contains the following sections: Lectura, Sección gramatical, Sección léxica, and Para escribir mejor. Throughout the lesson, there are comprehension and interpretation activities that help students become more confident in their abilities and achieve mastery of the Spanish language.

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