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Help students develop their Spanish language cultural competency

Built to help students strengthen their language skills

Sueña takes an interactive, communicative approach. It focuses on real communication in meaningful contexts to develop and consolidate students’ speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills.

Documentary films integrated throughout


6 engaging short films reflect the lesson themes and provide a variety of language and storytelling from the Spanish-speaking world. All films are available as interactive videos with integrated viewing activities.

Structured review of grammar based on lesson themes

Estructuras presents key intermediate grammar topics with detailed visual support and progresses students from directed to communicative practice. The interactive grammar tutorials include practice activities that offer immediate feedback.

Audio-synced readings

Cultura features dynamic cultural readings. The Sueña section simulates a voyage to the featured country or region.

Authentic readings

Students have an opportunity to learn and appreciate the cultural perspectives woven into rich and authentic literary texts from around the Spanish-speaking world in Sueña.


Literatura showcases literary readings by well-known writers from across the Spanish-speaking world, with an even balance of male and female authorship. The Preparación and Análisis sections activities provide in-depth pre- and post-reading support for each selection in Literatura and Cultura.

Manual de gramática

Practice for grammar points related to those taught in Estructuras is included for review and/or enrichment at the end of the book.

News and Cultural Updates

Supersite only News and Cultural Updates provide real world connection to language and culture via new authentic article or video.