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Curricular innovations to inspire your program

Language programs are innovating by partnering with other disciplines, changing the focus of their curriculum, and emphasizing the value of communication in a global world. The programs below have achieved success with diverse goals and different areas of focus.


Brigham Young University has developed an innovative program that provides an experiential add-on to humanities majors, supporting each course of study with a course of experience (study abroad, internship, etc.) in order to prepare students for their future careers and expand their opportunities.

Visit their site to see the international programs being offered by the Kennedy Center.


The International Economics and Modern Languages Program at Georgia State University combines an economics major with a focus in a world language, preparing students for careers abroad and with international companies. Graduates have accepted positions at Hartfield Philips Inc., SunTrust Bank, Emory Law, the Tax Foundation, the Federal Reserve, and the OECD Secretariate in Paris.

According to GSU, "An undergraduate degree in economics prepares students with the quantitative and qualitative skills to think critically and learn how to make optimal decisions."

Learn more about the program.


Northern Arizona University offers award-winning Interdisciplinary Global Programs (IGP) in which undergraduate students pair a BS in STEM or business with a BA in language and spend a year abroad completely immersed in the host country language and culture. IGP is a 4.5 to 5-year program, with the fourth year spent abroad doing both coursework and internships at partner institutions. These innovative programs prepare students to be global citizens in their field of choice.

Learn more about this innovative program.

Global and International Studies

IUPUI has developed a program for Global and International Studies that prepares students for careers in a global economy. The School of Liberal Arts offers an interdisciplinary major and minor in International Studies.

Students learn a modern language, focus on a specific region of the world, study abroad (for the major), and graduate with the tools they need to be a global citizen.

See how IUPUI combines individual interests with the needs of a changing world here.

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