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New Fotonovela

The new Escenas fotonovela is based on the principles of comprehensible input, allowing students to experience language in a natural setting while deepening their understanding of cultural and social rules.

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Video Virtual Chats

64 brand-new video virtual chat activities help students develop their listening and speaking skills while building confidence as they engage in conversations with native speakers in the target language. Using video prompts, students benefit from nonverbal and articulatory cues that are essential for real-life interactions.

Pronunciation and spelling tutorials with speech recognition

16 new pronunciation tutorials with speech recognition build confidence in word use, pronunciation and spelling are critical to students’ success in language acquisition. With VHL’s embedded speech recognition activities, students have an opportunity to reflect on their language patterns and increase their awareness of pronunciation through low-stakes production practice.

Vocabulary Tutorials

Students typically approach content from multiple sources according to their needs and learning style. Our vocabulary tutorials show and speak all active vocabulary terms from the lesson, accompanied by photos. Students can revisit and use these tutorials as flashcards for review, giving them multiple tools to learn and internalize their own active vocabulary.

New Panorama cultural videos

The new Panorama cultural videos, which are short documentary videos, support written paragraphs in the Vivan los países hispanos section and explore countries in the Spanish-speaking world. By reading, seeing, and hearing more cultural facts, students can reflect on how other cultures compare and contrast with their own, enhancing their cultural competence.

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communicative goals chart

New communicative goals and Can-Do Statements

By connecting the communicative goals and Can-Do Statements in almost every section in each lesson, students have the opportunity to check their understanding of the lesson’s communicative goals and identify any areas where they need further review and practice.

Proficiency-oriented guidelines

Viva was written with the concerns and philosophy of the ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines in mind. Special annotations appear on pages of the instructor’s annotated edition calling out activities that have a particularly strong relationship with the ACTFL Standards. Marginal annotations complement and support varied teaching styles, extending the rich content of the student text.

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