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A+ Spanish Poetry

Unlock the power of poetry in your classroom

Motivate students to read, understand, and appreciate poetry

The A+ Spanish Poetry Kits include rhyming stories, riddles and tongue-twisters, narrative poems, and epic and satirical poetry, among other subgenres—with activities that address the national language arts and literacy standards.

A+ Spanish Poetry product

Students explore a wide range of poetry selections

Each grade-level kit includes just the right tools to motivate students to read, understand and appreciate poetry:

  • Dozens of authentic poetry titles from around the Spanish-speaking world by award-winning authors and illustrators
  • Teacher resources, including Poetry Resource Handbook by Alma Flor Ada and F. Isabel Campoy, that help students explore each poetry title
  • Online resources for small and whole group instruction

Discover the best poetry from the Spanish-speaking world

Each kit includes dozens of authentic poetry titles spanning all subgenres, including rhyming stories, riddles and tongue-twisters, verse fables, narrative, prose, epic and satirical poetry, and more.

A+ Poetry Books

Unlock poetry’s potential in the classroom

Each A+ Poetry Kit includes a comprehensive poetry handbook and activities to help integrate poetry into day-to-day instruction.

  • Está linda la mar Poetry Resource Handbook, designed specifically to give teachers the tools they need to engage students and use poetry to build foundational skills, provides detailed explanations, teaching suggestions, sample lessons, and so much more!
  • Downloadable graphic organizers and activities help students develop vocabulary, reading comprehension, literary analysis, and writing skills.