A+ Spanish Science Literacy

Build science literacy with books that bring science to life

Build science literacy skills

A+ Science Literacy Kits develop science literacy skills with an array of nonfiction and fiction titles aligned to national language arts and science standards—each with teacher notes and activities designed to support literacy and STEM education.

A+ Spanish Science Literacy product

Promote science literacy and support STEM education

Each grade-level kit includes just the right tools to motivate students to develop science literacy and critical and analytical thinking:

  • Ten books, including literary and informational texts, span a range of genres and align to themes of Next Generation Science Standards.
  • Teacher resources help students explore each title, promote inquiry, and motivate students to learn about a variety of science curriculum topics.
  • Online resources support small and whole group instruction.

Explore a content-rich library of reading selections

Students learn about a range of science curriculum topics: Physical Science, Life Science, Earth and Space Science, Engineering, Technology, and Applications of Science.

A+ Science Literacy Books

Teacher notes and activities help integrate science literacy into day-to-day instruction

Each title includes detailed teacher notes with clearly identified standards and objectives and step-by-step teaching suggestions and activities.

  • Teacher Notes support instruction with Tier II vocabulary; pre-, during, and post-reading activities, science connections projects, writing activities, and more.
  • Vocabulary and comprehension activities help develop science literacy.