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Aproximaciones is designed to teach students basic skills in literary analysis through readings in Spanish and Spanish-American literature and a variety of exercises. The book is set up in such a way that the individual instructors can develop their own ways of choosing and presenting the materials.

"The authors of the book endeavor to provide access to the tools of analysis as a lead-in to further more advanced study of literature and culture. It is a privilege to have the support and endorsement of Vista Higher Learning, which will introduce the book to a new generation of students."

Dr. Edward Friedman, Author
Aproximaciones, 8th Edition

“I have used Aproximaciones in the past. It is a great reference text, very complete, practical. It has an important selection of literary texts. It give students a wide scope, theory and themes are extensively developed.”

Maria J Ferrer-Lightner, Professor
Tacoma Community College

“It is the most comprehensive literary text I have seen. It might be the only one that introduces the tools of analysis of literature in such an effective way. We use it as an introduction to higher-level literature courses.

I appreciate it for non-literature majors because it gives the basics and a vocabulary that really supports literary knowledge.”

Paula Straile-Costa, Professor
Ramapo College of New Jersey

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