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CHEMINS is built around a proven six-step instructional design.


Six-step instructional design

Each lesson is organized into color-coded strands that present new material in clear, comprehensible, and communicative ways. With a focus on authenticity, cultural immersion, and the seamless integration of text and technology, language learning comes to life in ways that are meaningful to every student.

Six-Step Design

1. Context

Make it personal

  • Provides visual context for the chapter theme.
  • Pour commencer jump-starts the unit, allowing students to use the French they know to talk about the photo.
  • Lesson openers have clearly labeled Essential Questions and Can-Do Goals.
Visual context for a chapter theme

2. Vocabulary

Put it into words

Mise en scène presents the target language in context at the start of each unit, providing comprehensible input.

mise en scene

Theme-related vocabulary is introduced through expansive and updated full-color illustrations and easy-to-reference lists. Communicative Goals encourage students to anticipate the section’s objectives, showing them what communicative skills they can expect to be able to perform upon completing the section. ACTFL standards-based boxes provide relevant cultural information related to the content.

Engaging students in active communication— The Communication section includes activities that allow students to use the vocabulary creatively in interactions with a partner, a small group, or the entire class. Les sons et les lettres presents the rules of French pronunciation and spelling.

3. Media

Bridges Experiences

Instructional, cultural, and authentic streaming video presentations with optional captioning.

video, wistia link

The Roman-photo storyline video brings lesson vocabulary and grammar to life. Students experience local life with a group of students living in Aix-en-Provence, France. Activities include comprehension questions, communicative tasks, and research-based tasks.


Authentic video: Le Zapping presents authentic video clips from around the francophone world connected to the language, vocabulary, and theme of the lesson.

court metrage

Authentic video in Level 4: Court métrage short films provide opportunities for extended interpretive communication. Pre- and post-viewing activities guide students in interpreting the film and reacting to it.

Panorama culturel video

Panorama culturel: These videos provide interesting visuals for the Panorama section, and are followed by integrated viewing activities.

4. Culture

Cultural perspective in CHEMINS

culture a la loupe

Culture à la loupe explores a topic related to the lesson theme with in-depth cultural information on related products, practices, and perspectives.


Imaginez presents high-interest readings about francophone countries and regions. (Chemins Level 4)


In Littérature, authentic literary selections from well-known francophone authors showcase new avenues for using the unit’s grammar, vocabulary, and themes. (Chemins Level 4)

Cultural readings

Cultural readings presents students with additional cultural information related to the unit theme and country or region of focus.

5. Structure

Grammar as a tool

Clear and concise explanations followed by visually appealing examples—the Structures sections include grammar points with an explanation and practice activities.

mise en pratique

Mise en pratique activities provide a wide range of guided exercises in context. Communication features pair and group activities for interpersonal and presentational communicative practice.

Targeted review and recycling—Synthèse activities provide built-in, consistent review and recycling as students progress through the text. Interpersonal activities encourage them to demonstrate proficiency with the unit's vocabulary and grammar.


6. Synthesis

Pulling it all together


The Panorama section presents interesting details about francophone countries and regions, providing students perspective through history, geography, and culture.

Students develop reading skills through exposure to authentic resources. Audio-synced authentic readings provide students with an opportunity to listen to native speakers and to develop reading fluency.


Projet is a real-world activity that provides students the opportunity to pull together what they learned, build teamwork skills, and collaborate as they give feedback to others.

CHEMINS offers a wealth of support for students and teachers.

ACTFL standards, differentiation, SEL

Teacher Resources:

In the Teacher’s Edition you can see ACTFL Standards at point of use, differentiated instruction strategies, as well as social and emotional learning suggestions.

dossier culturel

Student Resources:

Students can monitor and reflect on their own learning with Communication Goals and Can-Do statements. A Dossier culturel in the workbook provides a place for students to keep a cultural journal and reflect on what they have learned.

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