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Communicative & Cultural Approach

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Communicative & cultural approach

Chemins is a fully integrated and scaffolded French-language program that builds intercultural communicative proficiency through a cohesive cultural approach within each unit. With powerful and easy-to-use course management tools, you can shape Chemins to fit your instructional goals and teaching style—all while delivering an engaging, personalized learning experience to each and every student.

Why choose Chemins?

  • Mise en scène presents the target language in context at the start of each unit, providing comprehensible input.
  • Vocabulary is presented and practiced in meaningful contexts.
  • Culture is explored through an engaging multi-media approach.
  • Projet develops students’ presentational skills for real-world contexts.
  • The introductory unit in each level presents and recycles language in a functional context.
  • A variety of resources allow students to monitor and reflect on their own learning.
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