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Empowering Elementary English Learners and Striving Readers

Connect Covers

Develop academic language and literacy

CONNECT is a comprehensive, standards-based K–6 literacy program designed specifically for elementary school multilingual/English learners and striving readers. This powerful print and digital solution develops academic language and literacy skills through authentic texts and content-driven lessons, while addressing the proficiency needs of every student.


“With Connect, we are being able to bridge the literacy and language together. We're also seeing our students becoming more active in their life, there's more participation, they're more willing to speak, they're more willing to engage in conversations because we're giving them resources that allow them to be able to tie all the pieces together.”

Dr. Joshua Perdomo
Director for Multilingual Programs, CCSD 59, Elk Grove, Illinois

What to expect with CONNECT!

  • Ensures proficiency in vocabulary, reading, listening, speaking, writing, and grammar skills
  • Promotes academic language development and writing skills
  • Engages with motivating literary texts and informational texts in science, social studies, math, and the arts
  • Helps students access grade-level content and prepares them for mainstream classes
  • Aligns with the standards, including: WIDA, CA ELD, TX TEKS, CCSS (ELA and Math), NGSS (Science), NCSS (Social Studies), and CEFR (ELT/International)