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Experience the CONNECT

Whether your class is 100% digital or you only use technology to access teaching tools and resources, we can provide solutions that fit any curriculum or program model.

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Multimedia resources for whole group, small group, and individual instruction

The CONNECT Supersite includes a variety of resources to make learning fun and interactive.

  • Interactive Student Books with embedded audio/video, interactive tutorials, and wealth of practice activities
  • Practice Books with writing, listening, and phonics activities
  • Thematic eReaders (2 readers per unit / 16 readers per level) with audio synchronization and vocabulary highlighting and pronunciation
  • Additional online teacher resources to project: student workbooks, teacher guide lessons, poems, and more
  • Assessment Program to evaluate progress
  • Parent resources, including letters in multiple languages

for Elementary Students

An unparalleled digital learning environment with integrated content, interactive activities, and tools built to support literacy development and language learning


For Students

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Plenty of Practice and Support

Motivate and engage students from start to finish. From the interactive student book, decodable readers, and practice activities, students find exactly what they need when they need it.

Safe, Friendly Environment

Uncluttered interface, helpful tools, and seamless textbook-technology integration enhance the student experience—all in a safe digital space.

Uncluttered interface

Engaging Media

From Engaging media, vocabulary tutorials, video virtual chat activities, songs, audio recordings, authentic videos, and more, the Supersite has it all!

For Teachers

Time-Saving Tools

No need to spend your time hunting down materials, finding the perfect videos, or creating activities and assessment. The Supersite includes everything you need to plan, prepare, teach, and assess.

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Powerful Course Management

Monitor, track, and report on student progress and communicate securely with students and parents.

For Parents

Instant Communication and Support Resources

From teacher announcements to student assignments and grades, parents have access to it all—allowing them to play an integral part in their child’s learning.

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