conversaciones-escritas cover
Conversaciones escritas, Third Edition

Inclusion. Social Justice. Academic Writing. Literacy.

Fully integrated into the Supersite with NEW vText, digital workbook, reading, and videos allowing students for easy access of content with extra practice as needed.

What’s new in this edition?

  • New 15 Lecturas featuring topics such as minimum wage, misinformation in the media, racial disparities in incarceration, inclusive language, and many more.
  • New 4-color, easy-to-navigate design and chapter organization that both support and facilitate learning.
  • New Online-only En breve with 14 new short readings and videos that expand your knowledge of the different topics presented in the textbook.
  • New WebSAM online Student Activities Manual to support student’s grammar practice and writing skills.
  • New Slide presentation-writing assignment in Entrando a la conversacion 1 and 2 to help student’s master their presentational communication skills through this widely used format.
  • New Mobile-friendly Supersite with vText, additional online-only practice activities and Partner Chat to foster discussion beyond the classroom.

Texts on Contemporary Topics

Each chapter presents four engaging texts dealing with contemporary topics and critical explorations of current social themes. Most are authentic Spanish texts, while some were translated from English to feature voices of authority in their field and in the Hispanic community. Some activities include suggested video clips and websites, both in Spanish whenever possible. The final chapter of Conversacions escritas focuses on literature in order to prepare students for advanced courses in literature and literary analysis.

Chapter sample
Argument written

Focus on Argumentative Writing

Conversaciones escritas encourages students to develop their argumentative writing skills by first developing strong arguments. Next, the text guides them to form those arguments into a strong essay. Students are encouraged to see writing as a way to discover what they really think, and not be afraid to begin an essay with one thesis and complete their final version with a completely different one.

Grammar Approach

Conversaciones escritas focuses on specific grammar topics that tend to be problematic for both heritage speakers and second-language learners at this level. Rather than offer purely metalinguistic activities like identifying parts of speech, Conversaciones escritas focuses on a very practical and select group of common grammar and language use problems like inappropriate linguistic register, omission of definite articles, and more.

Gramatica y uso 1
Entrando a la conversación

Writing Process

Entrando a la conversación focuses on the writing process through two short pieces and one major essay. The short assignments guide students in generating reactions to what they’ve read in the chapter, using the writing focus as well as recycling points from previous chapters. The major essay guides students through the process of organizing their ideas, writing drafts, editing, getting feedback, and producing a final version.

News and Cultural Updates

These monthly links with scaffolded activities for students are available on the Supersite. They provide real-world connection to language and culture via carefully curated articles and videos from across the Spanish-speaking world. Instructors can enhance their classroom with authentic and culturally relevant resources focusing on the three modes of communication (interpretative, interpersonal, and presentational).