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Kim Potowski
University of Illinois at Chicago

Lectura y redacción en contexto

Conversaciones escritas takes a fresh approach to Spanish-language writing for both heritage speakers and second-language learners. It draws from best practices in native English language arts composition, second language writing, and heritage speaker pedagogy.

As I tell students in all writing classes, at all levels, the most important thing for success in writing is having something to say and, fortunately, the topics in Conversaciones escritas are so thought-provoking that it is easy for students to find lots to say, especially because the themes are close to their experiences and their hearts.

—Rosa Alicia Ramos, Hunter College, CUNY

Hallmark Features

Conversaciones escritas will push your students to refine their writing, reading, and grammar skills through the exploration of current social topics.

  • Through a guided writing process that focuses on argumentative writing, students will take a stance on a topic, considering three key points: who said what, additional arguments, and how their ideas differ from those already presented.
  • Engaging texts deal with contemporary topics, promoting reading skills and exemplifying good writing. Students will learn to read like writers and write like readers.
  • Vocabulary activities, comprehension checks, and post-reading questions offer reading support, prompting students to synthesize information and apply it to a broad range of contexts.
  • Tailored grammar and language-use topics are now supported by Supersite, the best digital platform on the market, offering videos, additional reading, and extra activities for practice.
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