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Enfoques: Curso intermedio de lengua española

Sixth Edition

Students at the intermediate level are exposed to all facets of language through videos, film, and readings.

An Abundance of Rich Media

Each of the twelve chapters of Enfoques includes a Fotonovela with an ongoing, unpredictable storyline that students enjoy following. The engaging conversations incorporate vocabulary and grammar structures from the chapter, all within a comprehensible context.

The Flash Cultura videos allow students to experience a wide variety of culture and compare it to their own.

Finally, the Cinemateca short films are amazing opportunities for students to be immersed in the Spanish language and culture.

An abundance of rich media
Capítulo 2 – Las diversiones > Pg. 42-45

Practical Vocabulary for Real-Life Situations

Useful vocabulary is presented in manageable sections, with English translations provided, allowing the students to start communicating easily and effectively. The accompanying practice activities follow a logical progression of complexity from basic input activities to more advanced output activities. The open-ended communication activities promote group interaction and are organized in the interpretive-interpersonal-presentational sequence. Students build confidence in their ability to communicate, using authentic language in real-world settings.

Comprehensive Grammar Explanations with Integrated Content

In Enfoques, key intermediate grammar topics are presented clearly and concisely with detailed visual support. Familiar photos and dialogue from the Fotonovela are integrated into the grammar explanations and activities, aiding in retention. The activities include direct exercises to support students as they engage with new structures, as well as open-ended communicative exercises that help students internalize the grammar. There are three separate Estructura sections within each chapter, organized to allow students to master one concept before moving on to the next.

Comprehensive Grammar Explanations with Integrated Content
Capítulo 2 Las diversiones > Pg. 70-74, 75-78

Literary and Cultural Readings Bring Language to Life

Two styles of readings, Literatura and Cultura, are included in Enfoques. Literary readings from well-known authors like Matute, Quiroga, and Neruda offer fresh opportunities to apply the grammar and vocabulary from the lesson. The connection between the lesson's theme and the literary reading is reinforced by compelling artwork produced by some of the greatest Hispanic painters.

The updated cultural readings introduce students to the people, customs, and achievements of the diverse cultures of the Spanish-speaking world. These readings have been thoughtfully organized for simple navigation and are accompanied by vivid, exquisite photos. Activities that accompany both types of readings offer thorough pre- and post-reading guidance, encouraging learners to express their ideas and discover how these readings connect to their own lives.