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The Fotonovela Now with
NEW Checkpoints Viewing Activities

Each Fotonovela episode now has integrated viewing activities to help students check their comprehension before they move forward during pre and post viewing activities.

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Communicative Goals and Can-Do Statements Build Students’ Confidence

Communicative Goals are now listed at the beginning of each section. After the activities in that section, the “I can” statement reminds students which goal they achieved. At the end of the lesson, a summary presents the Communicative Goals achieved, along with a review activity for each goal. Annotations to the Instructor indicate the correlation to the ACTFL standards.

Build confidence by encouraging students to demonstrate their newly learned skills

Active Learning with Updated Content

Students are invited to become active learners as they engage in the new, integrated viewing activities that accompany the video program in this edition of Enfoques. There are two new Cinemateca short films with topics or themes of interest to today’s students. There are also three new literary readings and five new cultural readings that acknowledge and celebrate the diversity of Spanish-speaking cultures.


Acquire Knowledge and Proficiency through Exploration of Real-World Scenarios with the NEW Proyecto

The NEW Proyecto strand in each lesson incorporates a theme-based project with online rubric grading. Proyecto gives students an opportunity to use the language they are learning in engaging and collaborative tasks where they have to think critically, negotiate in groups, and present their work. The projects are supported by guiding questions, examples, and a rubric to set clear expectations. Each project will consist of a sequence of activities (or steps), such as investigation, reflection, editing, and presentation.

A group video call

Group Chat and Individual Video Recording Activities to Expand Student Production

Video Group Chat and Individual Video Recording activities allow single or up to six students to record or upload a video. With Individual Video Recording, students will practice their presentational communication. Video Group Chats tap into students’ creativity, making learning more fun and meaningful in a collaborative way.

Additional Assessment Options

A more robust assessment program is another highlight of this edition of Enfoques. With options on how to assign, instructors have access to additional vocabulary and grammar quizzes, more substantial project activities, assignable Integrated Performance Assessments (IPAs) with rubrics, and a new intermediate test bank with Culture Testing items based on the Intercultural Reflection tool.

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News and Cultural Updates

These monthly links with scaffolded activities for students are available on the Supersite. They provide real-world connection to language and culture via carefully curated articles and videos from across the Spanish-speaking world. Instructors can enhance their classroom with authentic and culturally relevant resources focusing on the three modes of communication (interpretative, interpersonal, and presentational).

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