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Enagge with literature and content.

New literature program that prepares all students for college and career readiness, with purposeful supports for multilingual learners

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Engage with Literature and Content is a comprehensive, standards-based high school literacy program designed to empower students to become strong readers, confident writers, and critical thinkers. This powerful print and digital solution develops language and literacy skills through engaging literary texts and content-driven lessons that connect to students’ everyday lives.

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A new-generation learning experience for
new-generation students!

What to Expect with Engage

  • Builds proficiency in vocabulary, reading, listening, speaking, writing, and grammar skills, which are vital to success in school and in life
  • Promotes academic language development and scaffolds reading and writing skills
  • Engages students with rich, motivating literary texts that connect to real life, as well as informational texts in science, social studies, math, and other content areas
  • Encourages students to explore career pathways
  • Helps students access grade-level content with scaffolded supports
  • Supports teaching and learning with a personalized digital experience
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Engage Philosophy and Research

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Mastering Language and Literacy through High-interest Content

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Language and Writing Skills Acquisition for Multilingual Learners

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