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Communicative goals and Can-Do Statements, with goals review activities at the end of every lesson

By connecting the communicative goals and Can-Do Statements in almost every section in each lesson, students have the opportunity to check their understanding of the lesson’s communicative goals and identify any areas where they need further review and practice.

Communicative goals

Interactive short films expand on lesson themes

All short films now offer an interactive version with checkpoints, so students can check their comprehension with integrated viewing activities as they watch the films. The short films can also be used by instructors as a presentation tool in class, to answer the questions or initiate discussion as a group.

la profesora grammar tutorial

New interactive grammar tutorials

New interactive grammar tutorials feature la profesora, an amusing character who grabs students’ attention with her lighthearted approach to grammar. Each tutorial has one or two Quick Checks, which are pauses in the instruction to give students a chance to react to what has just been presented.

New Video Virtual Chats

Brand-new video virtual chat activities help students develop their listening and speaking skills while building confidence as they engage in conversations with native speakers in the target language. Using video prompts, students benefit from nonverbal and articulatory cues that are essential for real-life interactions.

Expanded support for ACTFL standards and interculturality

Throughout the instructor text, standards correlations for specific activities appear on the same page or spread so that you see them at point of use. New annotations include more support for interculturality using a sequence of Investigate, Reflect, and Explain prompts related to cultural content.

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