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Help students develop their Spanish language and cultural competency

Built to help students strengthen their language skills

Enlaces takes an interactive, communicative approach. It focuses on real communication in meaningful contexts to develop and consolidate students’ speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills.

Para empezar

Active vocabulary included in the Blog de un catalán en Colombia is indicated by asterisks placed before words in the Para empezar vocabulary list. Through this communicative approach students must negotiate the meaning for themselves.


Fully integrated with your textbook, the Enlaces Film Collection features dramatic short films by Hispanic filmmakers. The films are a central feature of the lesson, providing opportunities to review and recycle vocabulary from Para empezar, and previewing and contextualizing the grammar presented in Estructuras.

Structured review of grammar

Estructuras grammar topics have been carefully selected, consolidated, and organized to eliminate review of introductory topics. The interactive grammar tutorials include practice activities that offer immediate feedback.

Cultural readings

Brief and comprehensible readings present additional cultural content related to the lesson theme. These readings are supported by scaffolded and personalized activities where students are prompted to make their own observations and cultural comparisons.

Authentic TV Clips

Rich, contemporary presentations included in the En pantalla TV clips section help students see how language is used in popular media and encourages them in developing their own cultural competency.


Literatura showcases literary readings by well-known writers from across the Spanish-speaking world, with an even balance of male and female authorship. The Preparación and Análisis sections activities provide in-depth pre- and post-reading support for each selection in Literatura and Cultura.

News and Cultural Updates

Supersite only News and Cultural Updates provide real world connection to language and culture via new authentic articles and videos.