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Parliamo Italiano!

Beginning Italian

Suzanne Branciforte, PhD

Study in Italy, Genoa/Siena, Italy

Elvira G. Di Fabio, PhD

Harvard University

A Communicative and Cultural Approach

Parliamo Italiano! Fifth Edition offers a communicative, culture-based approach for beginning students of Italian. In addition to the four skills—reading, writing, speaking, and listening— Parliamo Italiano! has made the fifth skill of cultural competency an integral part of learning Italian. This program is based on the principle that language is culture and culture is language; we cannot learn one without the other.

Unique and Easy-to-Use Format for Instructors and Students

The program consists of a preliminary chapter and twelve units. Each unit is organized by regional and cultural themes and is divided into four manageable sections in order to be more digestible for true communication and language acquisition. One of the text’s great strengths is the clear division of units into four parts that explore the facets of the unit topic and region. Emphasis on Italian geography familiarizes students with regional differences while revealing the common rhythms and practices of Italian daily life.

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