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Beginning Italian

A communicative approach with a focus on real-life topics and tasks!

Video: Ciak! Italia

Understanding Culture and Language through Video

The Parliamo italiano! video component is found throughout the units, allowing students to return to this important resource several times during the study of a unit. Through these videos, language is used in context while students find themselves delighted and intrigued by the story of two cousins who must solve a family mystery. Students will benefit from the repeated viewings and different tasks they are asked to perform.

Vocabulary and Grammar in Context

Each section of vocabulary follows a thematic presentation that provides a lively, realistic context in which the unit’s vocabulary, language structures, and culture are introduced. Grammar points have been streamlined to enable instructors to focus on essential structures and avoid students feeling overwhelmed by unnecessary information. All these are supported by clear activities that aim toward communication.

Unit 3 ABITARE Pg.124-125, 129-130

Immagini e parole

This end-of-unit section focuses on reading and writing skills as well as on expanding students' cultural knowledge. It includes a capstone reading passage related to the theme of the unit, reading and writing strategies, an excerpt of Italian literature, and one or more songs linked to the unit theme.

Real Life Communication in Action with Incontro!

Incontro! is a key feature that represents the culmination of each unit section. Here students will find a variety of formats, from a lively, authentic conversation to an email exchange, from a DJ’s monologue to a politician’s speech. The aim of Incontro! is to see the vocabulary, grammar points, and idiomatic expressions presented in that section "in action," i.e., used in a real-life situation; In other words, Incontro! presents the essence of language learning: communication.

Unit 3 ABITARE Pg. 126-127
Unit 3 ABITARE Pp. 105, 132, 144 + collage?

More of Parliamo Italiano!

Students have multiple opportunities to check their learning, as well as opportunities for cross-cultural comparisons, critical thinking, and other activities that allow them to practice real-life skills.

  • Communicative goals establish clear learning objectives. These learning objectives provide a framework for reporting and organizing students’ activities, including practice and assessment.
  • Una finestra sull’Italia, a completely new feature, prompts students to further investigate Italian culture on their own.
  • Musica, Maestro introduces songs by notable Italian singer-songwriters and composers allowing students to enjoy culture through the sounds of the language.

NEW Partner Chats for More Oral Practice

Students want to be able to communicate with others in their new language, to have meaningful and productive—not perfect—conversations. Partner Chat activities enable learners to work in pairs to synchronously record a video conversation in the target language to complete a specific activity. This collaboration facilitates spontaneous and creative communication in a safe environment.

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