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Perspectives offers a unique focus on the cultural perspectives of the French-speaking world by embedding cultural products and practices into every aspect of instruction.

Authentic films integrated throughout

Authentic films integrated throughout

In Perspectives, the documentaries provide glimpses into the products, practices, and perspectives of the culture of the lesson’s country or region of focus and its particular variety of French. The documentaries also serve as contextualization of grammar topics, helping students to develop intercultural and language skills.

A contemporary,
cultural focus

Today’s language classroom can only adhere to the ACTFL principles if students interact with the perspectives of other cultures by examining them through the filter of their own culture. Authentic content throughout the program exposes students to the target language and culture from a native speakers' point of view.

Multiple opportunities for intercultural analysis and communication

The Article section features two readings; the first one is an authentic article written by a native speaker of French for native speakers of French. These readings are carefully laid out with line numbers, marginal glosses, and pull-quotes to help make each piece easy to navigate, plus pre- and post-reading activities.

Authentic article written by a native speaker of French

A unique multimodal approach to cultural readings with integrated authentic video clips

The second Article features a leveled, hybrid reading that integrates text with three related authentic video clips. This new technology that offers integration of print and videos brings a unique multimodal approach to the topic supporting multiple learning styles and helping students to make connections between text and real-life videos.

Authentic literary texts

Students have an opportunity to learn and appreciate the cultural perspectives woven into rich and authentic literary texts from around the French-speaking world in Perspectives.

Helping students to develop intercultural reflection

Perspectives introduces new cultural products, practices, and perspectives by engaging the intercultural mode of communication and consistently inviting students to reflect on the target culture through the lens of their own culture.

Authentic audio

Authentic audio

In this strand, students listen to a variety of authentic audio materials from radio shows to podcasts. Pre-listening and listening activities activate background knowledge and provide students with strategies to help them understand and process the audio and focus on the key content in the material.

Writing skills development

This section focuses on presentational communication with an emphasis on writing strategies and process writing in a variety of different genres such as description, opinion, comparison, etc. Each Écriture includes a different graphic organizer to help students infuse shape and coherence into their writing.

Writing skills development