Pura vida Cover
Pura vida

Norma López-Burton

University of California, Davis

Laura Marqués-Pascual, PhD

University of California, Santa Barbara

Cristina Pardo Ballester, PhD

Iowa State University

Captivate Your Students with Cross-Cultural Understanding

Pura vida is an innovative twelve-chapter introductory Spanish program that teaches cultural literacy with a unique approach, encouraging students to discover language and culture through the experiences of its people. This discovery method leads students to think critically and make their own cross-cultural comparisons, while at the same time giving them a strong foundation in Spanish so they can use it in their everyday lives as true global citizens.

Cross-Cultural Approach: Understanding Perspectives

Students are encouraged to discover cultural differences and similarities, rather than simply being told about them. Through the unique Una perspectiva and Otra perspectiva readings, cultural similarities and differences observed by Spanish speakers visiting the US and Americans visiting Spanish speaking countries are highlighted as they share and reflect on their experiences.

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