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An unparalleled digital learning environment with integrated content, resources, and tools built exclusively to support language learning.

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SENDEROS now offers two levels of technology—Supersite and PRIME.

No two students, teachers, or classrooms are the same. At Vista Higher Learning, we recognize this and provide technology options that work for today and can grow with you for years to come. Whether your class is 100% digital or you only use technology to access teaching tools and resources, we can provide solutions that fit any curriculum or infrastructure.

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SENDEROS Supersite

  • Thousands of activities—many with auto-grading and immediate feedback
  • Instructional, cultural, and authentic streaming video presentations
  • Authentic and cultural literary readings with audio-sync
  • News and Cultural Updates
  • Digital versions of the Student Edition
  • All teacher resources—online Teacher Editions, scripts, answer keys, assessments, Activity pack, I Can worksheets and more
  • Video Virtual Chat activities with native speakers
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Everything the Supersite offers, plus:

  • Unique learning progression that focuses on student-directed learning
  • Vocabulary tutorials with speech recognition and diagnostics
  • Grammar tutorials with speech recognition and diagnostics
  • Self-check activities with diagnostics and remediation
  • Web-enhanced readings with audio

For Students

SENDEROS provides plenty of practice, communication tools, engaging media, and a safe environment for students to learn.

Video Virtual Chats

Video Virtual Chats

Students create simulated conversations by responding to questions delivered by video recordings of native speakers.

Online newspaper articles to TV news segments

News and Cultural Updates

Access monthly links to carefully curated authentic resources from across the Spanish-speaking world—from online newspaper articles to TV news segments. Each selection includes a scaffolded activity sequence leveled for built-in differentiation.

Grammar Tutorials

Grammar Tutorials

Grammar tutorials feature guided instruction to keep students on track and ensure comprehension. El profesor provides a humorous, engaging, and relatable approach to grammar instruction. Interactive tutorials with quick checks are available with PRIME.

Group Chats

Group Chats

Small groups of students work synchronously to record a conversation in the target language (available in PRIME).

Vocabulary Tutorials

Vocabulary Tutorials

Vocabulary tutorials feature a cyclical learning sequence that optimizes comprehension and retention—Listen & repeat, Match, Say it. Audio hints and cognate/false cognate icons help students understand and remember new vocabulary (PRIME only).

Speech Recognition

Speech Recognition

Speech Recognition embedded in the vocabulary tutorials, pronunciation tutorials, and Fotonovela identifies student utterances in real time and objectively determines whether they know the word. This innovative technology increases student awareness of pronunciation through low-stakes production practice (PRIME only)

For Students

Beyond the page

The student site provides:

  • Online Student Edition
  • Live communication practice
  • Interactive activities
  • Engaging and original media
  • Cultural content
  • Safe environment

For Teachers

Time-saving tools, powerful course management, assessment solutions, and enhanced support.

Time-saving tools

Time-saving tools

We’ve done the heavy lifting for you by providing everything you need to plan, prepare, teach, and assess.

Course management interface

Powerful course management

Monitor student progress, communicate securely with students, and track and report on student effort and outcomes.

Assessment Solutions interface

Expand your testing possibilities with the new Assessment Builder

This vhlcentral feature makes it fast and easy to customize online tests and exams. Learn how to create your own questions from scratch or leverage any existing quiz, test, or exam content from any lesson within the same program, or quickly create/edit assessments by using our question banks. Assessment Builder provides the versatility you need with the time-saving and reliable technology you deserve.

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Enhanced support

Get all the support and guidance you need—from face-to-face presentations and on-demand webinars, to instructional videos on a variety of topics.

More For Teachers

  • Online Student and Teacher Editions
  • Live communication practice
  • Interactive activities
  • Engaging and original media
  • Cultural content
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Vista is committed to helping you teach languages and literacy with the best digital products and integrations services available. We are proud to have vhlcentral listed as a 1EdTech Certified platform. View our listing on the 1EdTechIMS Global website for more information.