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Spanish for a Connected World

Context-centered approach to language proficiency

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Built with teachers and students in mind

SENDEROS is a fully integrated and scaffolded Spanish program with a variety of print offerings and superior technology. With powerful and easy-to-use course management tools, you can shape SENDEROS to fit your instructional goals and teaching style—all while delivering an engaging, personalized learning experience to each and every student.

New to this edition

The new edition of SENDEROS retains the hallmark features and six-step instructional approach that have made it a best seller, while adding a wealth of updated content and features that make it fresh and relevant for both teachers and students.

  • Brand-new Fotonovela storyline videos
  • Redesigned lesson openers with clearly labeled Essential Questions, Can-Do Goals, and IPA contexts
  • Updated readings, TV clips, short films, and a new music feature
  • Plenty of resources that allow students to monitor and reflect on their own learning
  • Five levels (1, 1A, 1B, 2, and 3) now have a preliminary lesson