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A Program That Works


Sentieri employs a communicative approach to learning Italian, focusing on real-life communication and negotiation of meaning.

Can-do statements and expectations are stated in each section, and students are provided with numerous opportunities to communicate in various types of activities throughout the different strands of each lezione.

Students can imitate and practice real conversations with a native speaker or with a partner and they can also expand the conversation with a larger group of their classmates. The low affective filter allows students to build their confidence while gaining proficiency.

Lezione 2A  I passatempi Pg. 50-51

Vocabulary in Context

Sentieri introduces vocabulary with rich images and engaging art, offering students meaningful and useful input in order to facilitate communication at the interpersonal and presentational levels through everyday topics. Practice activities range from producing single words to producing sentences and dialogues.

Integrated Grammar with Authentic Examples

The Strutture strand introduces grammar with interactive tutorials and gives students the opportunity to practice and then immediately start communicating with the new structures. The grammar is then used in action in the Fotoromanzo and integrated with the vocabulary of the lesson in the Italia Autentica, Cultura, and Avanti sections.

Lezione 2A – Italia autentica Pg. 58 Regular -are verbs
Lezione 2A – Italia autentica > Pg.?

A Rich, Contemporary Presentation of Italian Culture

The Fotoromanza, Lo Zapping, Cultura, and Panorama sections provide a contemporary view of Italian life and culture. They focus on interculturality and push students to make cultural comparisons and connections between Italian culture and their own.