Develops students’ speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills so that they can express their own ideas and interact with others meaningfully and for real-life purposes.

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New Interactive Grammar Tutorials

The all-new interactive grammar tutorials engage students so they can actively learn in a low-stakes environment. These activities provide students with an opportunity to build confidence and solidify understanding at their own pace. Have your students complete tutorials before class. You can also assign the tutorials as a review, after you have presented the material. This makes it possible for instructors to use class time for more meaningful, contextualized, and communicative language practice.

Bring Italian to Life

Students will experience a more modern journey into Italian culture with new images and examples of media and literature that focus on interculturality. The new short films are engaging and moving, while the TV clips depict an internationally famous street art muralist in Naples.

In montagna o al mare?
A group video call

Group and Individual Video Recording Submission Expands Student Production

Group chat and individual recording activities allow single or multiple students to record a video production exercise, providing instructors with more flexibility in creating and assigning activities to groups within their classes.

Group chat offers valuable practice that simulates the conversations most typical to a language classroom. These activities also ready students for authentic communication with native speakers, which typically occurs in a group setting.

Video Virtual Chat Activities

Video virtual chat activities in the Strutture, Ricapitolando, and Ripasso strands provide your students with opportunities to develop their listening and speaking skills and to build confidence as they practice with video recordings of native speakers.

Unlike other listening activities where students can easily pause and repeat, Video Virtual Chats require students to answer questions in real time—just as they will do when they engage in conversations with fluent speakers in the target language. Students also benefit from nonverbal and articulatory cues that are essential for production and pronunciation.

Video virtual chat
Il tempo libero Unita 2

New Communicative Goals and Can-Do Statements

By connecting the Communicative Goals and Can-do statements in every section in each lesson, students can check their understanding of the lesson’s communicative goals and identify any areas where they need further review and practice. These culminate in an end-of-unit review.

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