AP® French Language and Culture Exam Preparation

The perfect complement to any AP® French course

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Now available: AP® French Worktext

The worktext provides the tools and tips students need to be successful on exam day:
  • High-quality, accessible, and authentic print and audio resources
  • Explicit skill-building and test-taking strategies for each activity type
  • Online learning environment (Supersite) with all worktext activities and supporting source material
  • Full-length, assignable online practice exam that mimics the look of and feel of the exam

Step-by-step practice for the AP® French Language and Culture Exam

With complete coverage of each testing format, this is the perfect test prep complement to any AP® program.



Scoring high come exam day requires more than linguistic and cultural competency. Students must also have a deep understanding of what to expect. Each Section and Part of this program opens with detailed strategies for test taking success.

Covers all activity types

The worktext provides explicit skill-building and test-taking strategies for each activity type on the exam.

Interpretive Communication Print Texts

Section I, Part A. Interpretive Communication: Print Texts. Part A contains authentic text selections, representing different genres, followed by a multiple-choice sequence for each selection, which mimics the Exam.

Interpretive Communication Print and Audio Texts (combined)

Section I, Part B. Interpretive Communication: Print and Audio Texts (combined). Section 1B will always have one print source and one audio source for each activity. The multiple-choice sequence for each selection combination mimics what students will encounter on the Exam.

Interpretive Communication Audio Texts

Section I, Part C. Interpretive Communication: Audio Texts. A simplified version of Part B, this section contains a variety of audio selections, followed by multiple-choice sequence.

E-mail Reply

Section II, Part A. Interpersonal Writing: E-mail Reply. This section focuses on e-mail texts, all of which require the student to respond using the formal register. The readings address a variety of topics representing the themes and recommended contexts.

Argumentative Essay

Section II, Part B. Presentational Writing: Argumentative Essay. In this section, students have to read an article, interpret a graph, and listen to an audio text. They then synthesize the information, take a position on a topic, and write an argumentative essay that addresses all three sources.


Section II, Part C. Interpersonal Speaking: Conversation. In this section, students are asked to participate in a conversation. They read a brief introduction outlining a conversation and then then have 20 seconds to record their part in each conversational exchange.

Cultural Comparison

Section II, Part D. Presentational Speaking: Cultural Comparison. In this section, students must give an oral presentation in which they make a cultural comparison between their own community and an area of the French-speaking world.

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Go online with the Supersite. All activities from the print worktext are also available online with access to all program audio and video; interactive activities that flow into the teacher gradebook, easy grading options for teachers, and powerful communication tools for interpersonal and presentational practice.