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An unparalleled digital learning environment with integrated content, resources, and tools built exclusively to support language learning.

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For Students

Thèmes provides plenty of practice, communication tools, engaging media, and a safe environment for students to learn.

My Vocabulary

An enhanced My Vocabulary tool for vocabulary development with new terms and a more intuitive interface that allows for easy and engaging vocabulary study and retention.

News and Cultural Updates

News and Cultural Updates, theme-based authentic resources with accompanying activity sequences are carefully curated and posted monthly.

Par étape

Par étape activities with authentic audio broken out into shorter segments and supported by a range of comprehension questions.

New Virtual Chats

New Virtual Chats for oral practice, which provide students with opportunities to develop their listening and speaking skills and to build confidence as they practice with recordings of native speakers.

For Students

Beyond the page

The Supersite provides:
  • Wealth of authentic audio and video
  • Live communication practice
  • Interactive online Student Edition (vText)
  • News and Cultural Updates
  • Interactive activities

For Teachers

Time-saving tools, powerful course management, assessment solutions, and thousands of assignable practice activities.

Time-saving tools

Time-saving tools—we’ve done the heavy lifting for you by providing everything you need to plan, prepare, teach, and asses.

Powerful course management

Powerful course management—monitor student progress, communicate securely with students, and track and report on student effort and outcomes.

Assessment Solutions

More opportunities for formative and summative assessment online with tools that make it easier for teachers to create, administer, and grade a wide range of online assessments.

Enhanced Support

Thousands of practice activities—many with auto-grading and immediate feedback.

More For Teachers

Other Supersite features

  • Grading tools & gradebook
  • Online assessment & testing
  • Advanced feedback on student work
  • Ability to customize of assessments & activities
  • Supplemental teaching resources