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New Fotonovela video

Fully integrated with the text, the new Fotonovela presents the adventures of a group of friends living in Madrid, Spain. Students will follow them through some of the greatest natural and cultural treasures of the Spanish-speaking world, while observing the highs and lows of everyday life.

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New Fotonovela

The new Vistas fotonovela is based on the principles of comprehensible input, allowing students to experience language in a natural setting while deepening their understanding of cultural and social rules.

New Proyecto in every lesson!

Are you interested in alternative means of assessment? Vistas is proud to present its brand-new Proyecto in each lesson. The Proyecto encourages students to use Spanish to accomplish something meaningful; provides a portfolio for students to document their learning; and fosters lifelong learning as students research, create, and reflect. Students take advantage of our powerful composition engine and individual video recording.
New Proyecto
Student on a video call with classmates

Group and individual video recording submission expand student production

Group Chat and Individual Recording Activities allow single or multiple students to record a video production exercise, providing instructors with more flexibility in creating and assigning activities to groups within their classes.

Group Chat offers valuable practice that simulates the conversations most typical to a language classroom. These activities also ready students for authentic communication with native speakers, which typically occurs in a group setting.

New texts & media overload!

Engage yourself and your students with all our new texts and media!

  • 42 new Panorama cultural videos
  • 7 new En pantalla videos
  • New escuchar audios
  • Several new authentic readings and one new short film
New texts & media overload!

News and Cultural updates

This is what instructors have been asking for and it has arrived! Instructors and students will be filled with joy as they discover authentic, up-to-date articles and videos with carefully scaffolded activities grouped by proficiency level. Brand new content is added monthly from September to May, and all postings are archived for easy, continued access.

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