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Introduce your students to a rich cultural world and a variety of accents throughout the Spanish speaking world!

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Vocabulary in Engaging Contexts

Vistas teaches vocabulary in real-world contexts using the fotonovela as a springboard for communication allowing students to practice using vocabulary in context with clear communicative goals and precise Can-Do statements.

We know that there are many ways to communicate in Spanish; therefore, we include lexical variations throughout every lesson. Students are exposed to a plethora of accents from around the Spanish-speaking world in all our listening and interactive activities.

Vocabulary in Engaging Contexts
Grammar is Fun and Presented in Meaningful Situations

Grammar is Fun and Presented in Meaningful Situations

The formal presentation of relevant grammar and scaffolded, personalized activities help students leverage grammar as a tool for building confidence, fluency, and accuracy.

Add some humor into the learning process with interactive grammar tutorials!

Have you met our profesor? Students and instructors alike love our engaging professor who presents gramma concepts in a clear and comical way. Students must interact with the tutorial through various check points to ensure comprehension of the concept. These tutorials are not meant to replace the instructor, rather they can be used to enhance teaching or even to flip the classroom! All concepts are presented within the fotonovela context, encouraging the use of grammar in a natural way.

Culture used to practice reading, writing, speaking, and listening

Culture used to practice reading, writing, speaking, and listening

We know that students cannot learn a language without understanding the cultural products, practices, and perspectives of the Spanish speaking world. Students and instructors will be delighted to discover our short cultural readings, Flash Cultura video series, En Pantalla video clips, Panorama video series, as well as the cultural nuances presented in the fotonovela.

Students use critical thinking skills to make connections and comparisons to their own cultures while developing a deep understanding and appreciation for cultures around the world.

An abundance of scaffolded activities that can be tailored to your students’ proficiency levels

Vistas is filled with thousands of activities that focus on recognition and comprehension and continue with guided and transitional activities to reinforce and learn new concepts in multiple formats. Instructors can assign specific activities to the whole class or just to a selected few, to help both struggling students and those that need a greater challenge.
an abundance of scaffolded activities